The 4 Best Hybrid Bikes for Women

In this article, we take a look at what makes a good hybrid bike. We then introduce our top 4 best hybrid bikes for women.

What is a hybrid bike?

The hybrid bike blends customary road bike features with those of mountain bikes. They are a stronger more robust bicycle that can be used both for the daily commute and also recreational purposes. Essentially they are two bikes in one, for whatever you fancy doing. Hybrid bikes have a more upright frame and handlebars along with mountain bike style gearing systems. This means the rider can enjoy a comfortable and efficient riding position. Also, due to the larger wheels, the rider can go faster for less effort.

What makes a good hybrid bike for a woman?

Cycling is an excellent way to travel and to keep fit at the same time. With a hybrid bike if you just fancy nipping down town to pick up a few things, you can accessorize your hybrid bike very easily to allow for this by adding a basket and panniers. Similarly, if you want to cycle to work, those panniers are handy to store your work clothes and bits and pieces. with a lighter frame, vibration damping accessories and larger wheels, you can enjoy a quicker ride, for less effort. If you fancy a bit of leisure cycling, on or off the road, the hybrid will let you do that. The sit up riding position is much more comfortable over distance than road bike style. Add a comfy saddle, as many gears as you’ll need and you’re good to go.

What to consider when choosing a hybrid bike

  • Upright frame and straight upright handlebars give you a ‘sit up and beg’ riding position, which is more comfortable than the lean forward cycling position on touring road bikes
  • Models without a crossbar are easy to get on and off but the very light aluminium crossbar framed bikes are fine too if you get the right size of bike frame for your body.
  • Accessories such as panniers and baskets are very useful both for short trips and longer journeys: it’s much easier to cycle without a heavy back pack on if your gear is stowed on your bike. The full length mudguards are also a winner and avoid that unsightly wet and muddy streak up your back if you happen to get caught in the rain!
  • Comfortable saddle: if you’re in the saddle for a while, you’ll soon notice the difference between a good and bad saddle: so go for support and comfort and make sure the saddle height is correctly adjusted to your body, you won’t regret it!
  • Number of gears: if the area you cycle is very flat you can get away with fewer gears, but if you have a few killer hills to navigate, the more gears you’ve got the better, and remember, smooth non-fiddly gear change mechanisms are a winner.

The best hybrid bikes for women

We have rounded up our thoughts on the best ladies hyrbid bike below:


Good: Build quality, puncture protection, gearing
Bad: weight
Overall 8/10

This city and trekking bike is a high quality machine that is built with attention to detail and displays classic looks. The aluminium frame, upright fully adjustable riding position and 21-speed Shimano easy-to-operate gears make this a great trekking bike. It is fitted with full length mudguards, chain guard, a super comfy gel saddle shaped for women, as well as puncture protected tyres. What’s not to like about this lightweight 15.5kg bike? There’s even an alloy rear carrier, non-slip pedals and a stand.

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Good: Classic looking machine, good quality accessories
Bad: Keeping it clean gearing,
Overall 9/10

Perhaps you’re less into trekking and more into town, so similarly priced to the Indigo, the steel handmade frame of the Dalston brings classic styling and strength to your upright ride, although at the expense of weight. The low step-through frame design makes it easy to mount and dismount your bike, and with 6-speed Shimano gearing and aluminium wheels, you get a smooth ride. With mudguards, chain guard and a kick stand for parking up, this is a good machine around town. Additional features include a rear pannier rack and a classic looking front mounted basket, making this a great practical classic looking yet modern hybrid bike.

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Professional Woodland Ladies Hybrid Basket

Good: Accessories, looks good, frame guarantee, easy access
Bad: Better suited to town use, needs some assembly
Overall 8/10

Similar to the Metropolitan model below but with some additional accessories at a slightly increased price. Thus, as well as a comfy saddle and full mudguards, you get a rear pannier carrier as well as a front mesh basket. Finished in classic black, the bike comes 90% assembled but will need some final tweaks before riding.

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Professional Metropolitan ladies 6-speed hybrid white

Good: Weight, price, frame guarantee
Bad:Cross bar frame, keeping it clean
Overall 7/10

This reasonably priced hybrid bike is a practical machine for town and beyond. It comes with the Professional comfort frame design and its lifetime guarantee, twist grip gear change, high level handlebars and alloy v-type brakes. Features also include: lightweight wheels, full mudguards, a great sprung saddle that is built for comfort. With a smart gloss white finish, the machine weighs in at a lightweight 15kg: great for those longer journeys.

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So which are the best hybrid bikes for women? If you see yourself nipping around town with occasional longer journeys, then the models with luggage carrying capacity are for you. Comfort and weight come into play too, so perhaps you’d prefer a lighter model? A 21 gear machine is handy if you expect to be doing some off-roading or live within hilly terrain. Otherwise a 6-speed will be fine.

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