8 Ways to Keep Your Bike Safe While Touring

If you’re touring the country on your bicycle, the last thing you need is for it to be stolen. That would put an immediate end to the tour! The good news is, keeping your bike safe just needs a little bit of common sense. Follow these 8 sure-fire ways to keep your bike safe in the the below infographic and you should have no problems at all.

Bike Safety Infographic

Use a sturdy lock

Although cable locks are light and easy to carry around on tour, they are also easy to cut through. You should also carry something more sturdy, like a D-lock.

Use multiple locks

Multiple types of locks means the thief needs multiple types of tools to cut through them. It also means the thief needs more time to commit the theft and has a higher chance of being caught red-handed by a passer-by.

Use a visible lock

Thieves prefer easy targets. If they can see your lock from a distance, they are far more likely to skip your bike and more on to a more appealing target.

Lock to a sturdy object

Fences, and thin metal poles are easy to cut through. In fact, even thing trees can still be a tempting target to cut through. Believe it or not, I have seen it happen! Make sure you lock your bike to something that is fixed to the ground and is large, heavy and sturdy.

Stay away from people

If you are in a rural area with fewer people, there are fewer people to steal your bike. This is especially true if you keep your bike hidden and out of side. Behind a bush, perhaps?

Bring inside at night

If you are in a hotel or hostel rather than a tent, you should bring your bike inside with you at night. A locked door makes it a lot harder to steal.

Lock up near other bikes

If you have followed this guide and used multiple sturdy and visible locks, your bike is not an easy target for would-be thieves. Lock your bike near other bikes and the thief will pick another easier target every time.

Leave in view of people

If you’re forced to lock your bike around people, make sure it’s in a visible, well lit area in full view of the general public. This will make it a lot harder for the thief not to get caught.

Following these 8 simple steps, almost guarantees that you will have a trouble free tour!

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