Best 14 Inch Bike for 4 Year Old Cyclists

Best 14 inch bike for 4 year oldGetting your kids into cycling early can teach them balance, ensure that they get enough exercise, and maybe help you to discover a cycling champion of the future. A 14 inch bike is the perfect size for a four year old. Below, you will find a list of the best 14 inch bikes for kids of this age. Let us help you to find the best 14 inch bike for 4 year old cyclists that suits your budget and your kids’ needs and preferences.

Things to consider

When deciding what bike to buy for your 4 year old, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, it is important to look at the frame of the bike itself: is it robust and durable? Does it offer a comfortable riding position, good suspension, springy tyres and safe brakes? Some bikes will have stabilizers permanently attached, whilst others will come with detachable stabilizers, so it is important to think about what you want here too. In addition, as this may well be the first bike that your child owns, it is worthwhile considering how easy the bike will be for new cyclists to use. Finally, make sure to check that the bike you are thinking of buying is within your budget.

The Best 14 Inch Bike for 4 Year Old Cyclists

Below are our reviews for the top five 14 inch bikes for kids. There is something here to suit every budget, and every child’s personality and cycling skill level!

Royal Baby Freestyle Kids Bike With Stabilizers

bikeThis bike looks very sturdy, thanks to features such as the extra strong pneumatic tyres. It comes equipped with detachable stabilizers so it is perfect as a first bike for kids. The seat height can be adjusted to give different riding positions, or simply to accommodate the fact that your child is growing. This bike also has a sporty look and feel to it. In additional to that, it has a water bottle. The addition of a water bottle on the back means that you can use it to take your kids with you on little excursions too. One potential disadvantage of this bike is its price. Even at a discount, it is still around £80 which makes it the third most expensive option on this list.

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Royal Baby Bmx Freestyle Kids Bike

This bike is similar to the other Royal Baby model described above, only with a sleeker, slimmer design. A bell and a purple white and pink colour scheme give this bike its distinctive look. There are also stabilizers in place in this bike. However, they are not as heavy duty as those on the other Royal Baby bikes on this list. This bike also has a high price: over £85 at a discount, making it (alongside the Royal Baby Star Girl bike described below) the priciest Royal Baby option here.

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Royal Baby Star Girl Princess Girl’s Kids Bike

This white and pink bike has a very cute feel to it. In keeping with the princess theme it is mainly white and pink in hue. An advantage that this bike has over others on the list is the fact that it comes equipped with a handy little basket for storing toys. This bike comes at the same high price as the Royal Baby BMX above: over £85. In addition, some parents may feel uncomfortable with the gender stereotyping of this bike.

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WeeRide Kids Deluxe Balance Bike

At around £90 this is the most expensive bike on the list but it looks wonderfully sleek and speedy. A rear band brake makes it easy to control this bike. However, the absence of stabilizers means that it is more suitable for kids who can already cycle. If you are looking for a bike for your kids to learn on, this may not be the best option. Want to know a cool and quirky thing about this model from WeeRide? It is a bike to be assembled by you, at home – and it takes just a minute to do so.

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Sonic Kids’ Rascal Bike, Blue

This cool blue bike with its graffiti style rascal logo is the most budget friendly option on the list – it is priced at just £50. Colourful and stylish, with sturdy stabilizers that can be detached once you feel that your child has mastered the art of cycling, this is a brilliant all round bike. The seat is adjustable, as are the handlebars, so you can adapt the bike to suit your child as they grow – this means that this bike can stay in use for several years.

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What is the best 14 inch bike for 4 year old cyclists? It depends on what you are looking for. If you want a budget friendly option for kids with a rebellious streak, the Sonic Kids’ Rascal bike is a great choice. If you are prepared to pay more, take a look at the options from Royal Baby. This brand offers a variety of extras such as water bottle holders and bike baskets. Finally, if you want to splash out on a bike that is streamlined and suitable for kids who are already good on two wheels, check out the striking pillar box red model from Wee Rider.

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