Best Cycling Mitts – Top 5 Review

Cycling mitts are an absolute necessity for all cyclists. People don’t always think of them first when thinking about cycling equipment, but cycling mitts are an essential bit of kit. There’s not much worse than going out for a long ride and finding that your hands get cold, or wet, or rubbed raw on the handlebars. Cycling mitts protect you from the elements, from any hurt or injury you might get, and keep your grip on the bars strong and stable. This blog post will help you choose the best cycling mitts for you.

What Makes Good Cycling Mitts?

There are a few things to consider when buying a new pair of cycling gloves. Choose the best cycling mitts for you and your needs, and you’ll always be happy with your choice.

  • Protection: One of the main aspects to consider in cycling mitts is how protective of your fingers they are. If you trip or fall, you need to protect your fingers, as your hands are the first thing to hit the ground.
  • Comfort: You need your gloves to be comfortable, or you won’t want to wear them for any length of time. Consider how much padding the gloves contain, along with whether they contain any gel or rubber shock absorbers. Look for mitts with as much padding as you can find.
  • Control: A good pair of cycling mitts keeps your hands firmly on the handle bar, and doesn’t allow sweat to build up inside the gloves. Look out for both the breathability and wicking of the gloves, and how much grip they offer the wearer.
  • Length: Finally, one thing to consider is the length of the gloves. Cycling mitts generally come in two lengths, full finger and short finger. Choose between these lengths by considering the likely weather you will use them in, and how much breathability you need, and balance that against how much protection you feel you will need.

The Top 5 Cycling Mitt Reviews

Elite Cycling Project Road Racer Gel Gloves

These mitts are a half finger length pair of road cycling gloves. Many users describe them as comfortable due to their gel padding on the palms. They are made from Amara on the palms rather than the more usual leather – which prevents them from going too slippery when wet. They are considered a warm pair of gloves, as well as providing a medium level of protection. Many users did not that they needed a size above their usual, due to their tight fit.

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Zooki Cycling Gloves

best cycling mitts

These are an excellent budget pair of cycling mitts, at only £7. They are of a half finger length, and made from a composite of three materials – cloth, lycra and mesh. They offer less protection than some of the other gloves on the list, although reviewers note that they make up for it with their excellent breathability. Their palms are padded with gel to absorb shocks and bumps, and many reviewers described them as offering excellent grip. Users were pleasantly surprised by the build quality of the mitts in comparison to their low price.

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RockBros Gel Bike Half Finger Gloves

The RockBros half finger gloves are an excellent mid-range pair of gloves, suitable for road cycling and other outdoor activities. They are described by many reviewers as being excellent at keeping out the elements, and are noted for being warm in cold temperatures. They are made from synthetic materials, and have gel padding in the palm and finger areas, to add comfort. Their grip is not noted as being particularly strong, so perhaps these gloves might best be suited to urban cycling. Many reviewers also note their snug fit, and the need to order up a size.

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Inbike 5MM Gel Padded Gloves

The Inbike Gel Padded Cycling Gloves offer excellent grip and protection, perhaps at the expense of comfort. They are made from a variety of materials, which promise to add anti-shock capabilities. 5mm gel pads exist throughout the glove at locations designed to reduce shocks, and maximise the grip you can maintain on the bars. They are intended as all purpose gloves, for road or off road riding. However, many reviewers noted that they were not comfortable for long term use. At £10, these are a mid range glove,with the protection of a higher price glove, and the comfort of a lower priced glove.

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Shengen No-Slip Pro Cycling Gloves

The Shengen No-Slip cycling gloves offer perhaps the best promise of grip on this list. They are designed with silicone rubber padding across the palm of the glove. The pattern mimics the excellent grip of a gecko. Many reviewers noted how well they lived up to their promises, by helping maintain a steady grip on the handlebars at all times. They are advertised as being mountain bike gloves, but due to their fingerless shape, and lower levels of protection, they are possibly better suited to road riding. Users of these gloves noted that they were especially comfortable, and easy to remove due to the draw string design. These gloves offer the best grip of any on the list, if not the most protection.

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Choosing the best cycling mitts for you is dependent on a number of factors. You have to decide whether you prioritise any one aspect of the gloves over the others, or whether you want a solid all rounder. If you’re looking for grip alone, then the Shengen gloves are undoubtedly the ones for you. If, however, you prize durability and protection, consider the Inbike gloves. Finally, if you prefer your gloves to fit your budget above all, look no further than the Zooki Cycling Gloves. The only thing that matters in buying new cycle accessories is which one is right for you. Take a look through these options, and see which one best suits your needs.

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