Best Garmin for Mountain Biking – The Top 5

Often referred to as cyclo-computer or a cyclometer, a cycling computer is an electronic device which is mounted on a bicycle. It is similar to the speedometer on a motor vehicle in that it calculates and displays the trip information of a bicycle. The device is usually attached to the handlebar to enable ease of viewing when cycling. Garmin is a big brand in this space. But what is the best Garmin for mountain biking?

Why Use a Cycle Computer?

One might wonder why they should purchase a cycle computer? Well, the main reason for the acquisition of a cycle computer is to monitor your cycles by recording data from your bicycle rides. With a cycle computer, you can monitor your distance and speeds and thereby come up with an exercise routine. The cycle computer will help you track your progress and thereby enhance your exercise capacity by maximizing your performance on the bicycle.
Also with cycle computers that are equipped with GPS technology, you can easily find social sites where bicycle riders hang out. You will efficiently interact with the other riders to compare and share cycling ideas. Who knows, you might even make great friends!

Why does Garmin stand out?

Garmin devices stand out among the other cycle computers in the market because of the following reasons;
Garmin connect- Garmin’s online platform which enables storing and viewing of your cycling data. Therefore, you can monitor your performance.
Garmin Connect Mobile- it is a smartphone version of the Garmin Connect. It makes it easier to access the online platform.
GLONASS- It a satellite navigation system. It is fast and accurate.
Virtual Partner- a function that lets you set a virtual partner to race against or with.
Live track- this feature allows your friends and family members track your cycling activities in real time.
In addition to these customized features on Garmin devices, they are also famous for their durability, originality and their ease of use. All these features make your cycling experience more interesting.

The top 5 Garmin devices

Garmin has a variety of cycle computers in the market. Here are the best Garmin for mountain biking:

Garmin Edge 1000 GPS Bike Computer

The good: touchscreen functionality.
The bad: cost.

The Edge 1000 is undoubtedly the best of Garmin’s device. In addition to being the only device that has WiFi usability, it also has the highest of everything.It is large, has a colour touchscreen, has a battery life of 15 hours, it has both GLONASS technology and GPS functionality for navigation and connection. The computer records speed, distance, incline, time and ascent/descent. You can also pre-load maps showing the route you are going to cycle through. In addition, it has a quick syncing ability to Garmin connect. It also has a barometric altimeter plus a temperature sensor. A feature that makes this device stand out is the integrated light sensor which improves the screen’s visibility by altering the brightness according to the changing light conditions. It also syncs with your phone, therefore, you can easily upload your progress and be up to date with any incoming calls or messages. In summary, if money is not an issue to you, then this is the perfect device for you.

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Garmin Edge 1000 Touchscreen GPS Bike Computer Premium

The good: touchscreen functionality & features.
The bad: cost.

The latest device to join the Edge family, it has a lot of similarities to the Edge 1000 in terms of weight, screen display size and a battery life of 15 hours. The distinguishing features are its safety options, the pre-loaded cycling maps, and routes. It is the first Garmin device to include incident detection capability and it also has a micro SD addition which enhances the storage space. In addition to the features of the Garmin Edge 1000 Bike Computer above, this device records the heart rate, cadence and speed the cyclist has used. Finally, it uses both GLONASS and GPS technology which enables you to link with your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth.

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Garmin Edge 20 GPS Bike Computer

The good: compatible with Garmin Connect.
The bad: no navigation capability.

Marketed as the smallest of Garmin’s cycle computers, the Edge 20 uses standard GPS tracking and GLONASS which increases the accuracy and speed of location data. The computer has a short battery life of 10 hours. The bike computer is basic and it is great for cyclists who just want to record time, speed, distance traveled. GPS position and the calories burnt.

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Garmin Edge 200 GPS Bike Computer

The good: compatible with Garmin Connect.
The bad: touchscreen display is only black and white.

The Edge 200 is essentially a larger version of the Edge 20.The device is small, lightweight, has a battery life of 14 hours and it has a high GPS sensitivity. The computer records the distance, location, speed, and the calories burned. A feature that it has which the Edge 20 doesn’t is the ability to customize data and a Virtual Partner function. It is also compatible with Garmin connect thus allowing you to connect with other riders.

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Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer

The good: longer battery life.
The bad: not suited to cold climates.

It is light, has touchscreen functionality and a simple user interface. You can track all the details of your bicycle ride and sync with Garmin Connect. This cycle computer is marketed as the product for regular cyclists. Though smaller than the Edge 1000, it has a battery life of up to 18 hours and it also syncs well with the other Edge devices. It has a lot of storage space, allowing you to store up to 100 cycling routes. Though cheaper than the Edge 1000, it offers most of the functions of the more expensive device for instance: base maps, it is compatible with Garmin’s heart rate monitors, has a barometric altimeter and it can link up with your smartphone or computer. Overall, the Edge 810 is regarded for its waterproof capability and its touchscreen which performs excellently even in wet weather.

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Armed with this knowledge, you can comfortably make a quality purchase that will service your needs.

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