Best Mini Bike Pump – Our Top 5

A full-sized bike pump is an essential tool in any cyclists workshop. However, when you’re travelling long distance, its handy to have a more compact version on you at all times should one of your tyres ‘let you down’. Many of the mini bike pumps available are now compact enough to attach conveniently to your bike, under your seat or even in your backpack. This is so it won’t take unnecessary space for your journey. What is the best mini bike pump? Read on to find out.

Mini Bike Pump

What to consider before buying

Before you pick your mini bike pump, it’s worth considering the following:

  • Cost – How much are you looking to pay for your mini bike pump? Consider what you’re willing to spend and where you can find a suitable model for your price-range.
  • Quality – How often are you realistically going to be using a mini bike pump? Are you a frequent cyclist used to travelling long distances or just happy to go for a leisurely ride at the weekends in your local area? If so, you will not require a top of the range-model.
  • Size – How compact is your bicycle? Does it have enough room to fit a mini bike pump to its frame? If not, will you be happy with a mini bike pump that takes up essential space in your backpack? Maybe that space could be better used for other equipment?
  • Appearance – Is your bicycle a professional model? If so, you’ll want a professional looking mini bike pump especially if it’s going to be attached to your Cycle’s frame.
  • Valve type – There are 2 main valves on bicycle tyres: the Presta valve and the Schrader valve. Some pumps only work with one type, whereas some work with both. It is also possible to get additional attachments to pump up things like footballs.
  • Gauge – Not all pumps come with a gauge. Even if they do, not all gauges are equal. Some are more accurate than others.

The Top 5 Mini Bike Pump Reviews

In order to assess which is the best mini bike pump, lets take a look at 5 of the best models on the market right now:

Pro Bike Tool Mini Mountain bike pump with gauge

mini bike pumpThis sleek handy mini bike pump comes complete with a sturdy Velcro strap to attach to your bike. This is to prevent it rattling as you ride. The added gauge makes it much easier to assess how much pressure your tyre needs. It also helps prevent over inflation. This model also comes complete with a choice of fittings meaning it will fit most tyre sizes. Despite this, this model is quite heavy for a mini model and can cause problems for some specifically lightweight bikes. The velcro strap has also been criticised for not being strong enough to hold the mini bike pump when cycling over bumpy ground. For this reason it may be safer kept in your backpack. Retailing at around £30, this model is favoured amongst professional cyclists who are relying on a good reliable product.

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Pro Bike Tool Mini Bike Pump for road, mountain and BMX bikes

This particular model is a well-polished design that is available in three optional colours: red, grey and black. All of these leave a crisp professional finish. This model is also only 7.3 inches long meaning it will fit on even the most lightweight of bikes. It also comes complete with a Velcro strapped frame mount to save you room in your backpack and is ideal for a variety of tyre sizes. Despite this however, the Velcro strap can cause rattling if it becomes loose. Also, the lack of a gauge can make it more difficult to get your tyre to the required pressure. Retailing at around £25, this pump once again is better suited to the professional cyclist, Unfortunately the lack of pressure gauge make it slightly less favourable to professional Cyclists.

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Enkeeo Ultra Lightweight Portable Mini bicycle Pump with Gauge

This lightweight mini bike pump has been designed especially to be as light as possible. As a result, it only weighs in at around 0.22 kg in weight. Unfortunately, what it lacks in weight it makes up for in size. This would be unsuitable in many ways for a full-time mountain biker as it would be difficult to attach to a streamlined frame without causing problems. It does however feature a pin for inflating sports balls adding to its uses when you are out for a day-trip with your bicycle. This model only retails at around the £10 mark. It would be perfect for the casual cyclist who requires a pump for a number of reasons. This would also suit somebody with a low budget looking for a mini bike pump for occasional journeys.

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Patarcle Frame-mounted Mini bike pump

This smart-looking Aluminium Alloy mini bike pump comes complete with a durable metal frame bracket and repairs kit. This pump is durable, efficient and light-weight enough to attach to your bike frame. It is not too bulky or too heavy. The pump will inflate your tyres with minimal effort. It is also a bargain priced around the £20 mark. However, this pump has been known to damage the frames of mountain bikes due to the mount scratching your bikes frame. As a result, this pump would be safer being carried in your backpack to avoid damage to your bike. Despite this, this item is still thoroughly reliable if it is not attached to the frame of your bicycle. This would make it good value for money for a casual cyclist.

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Hodgson Mini Bike pump with needle

This product is quite bulky and is designed to be around the size of a water bottle fixture for a Mountain bike. Despite that, it is a relatively simple and well-rounded product. The pump fits several different sized valves and features a ball needle attachment to repair household sports balls. It is simple to use and a bargain at the approximately £15 mark. One downside to this product is its relative bulkiness in comparison to other Mini bike pumps. Another flaw is the time it can take to fully inflate your tyre. The lack of gauge also takes away slightly from this item. However, for its price and convenience its ideal for a semi-professional or someone looking to avoid spending the money for a high-quality model.

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If you are looking for a quality product, it’s clearly worth spending the extra money to buy a high quality mini bike pump. This would be the preferable option for a full time Professional cyclist. The Pro Bike Tool range of cycling equipment is well recognised for its quality in the cycling world. Although the price tag can be considerably higher, the accompanying guarantee would definitely be worth having if only for peace of mind. There’s nothing worse than cycling for long trips on uneven terrain if you are not confident in the quality of your mini bike pump. Regardless of whether it be stored in your backpack or attached to your bicycle.

For those not relying on 100% quality and perhaps looking to save some money, the mini bike pumps at the cheaper end of the market still offer good reliable equipment. This means the casual cyclist might not be so disappointed with a product they may only have to use on a few minor occasions. Therefore, for a good reliable bike pump you do not have to break the bank. Don’t forget though, if you want a mini bike pump for all emergencies, the Pro Bike Tool models are certainly your best option. It is worth spending the extra money.

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