The Best MTB Gloves Money Can Buy

We’ve all been there – our old mountain bike gloves have worn out and gone thin from years of loving use. They start to look battered and the dirt just won’t come out. But where to start on getting a new pair? There are so many kinds on offer these days, each promising to be the best MTB gloves available. Which is telling the truth? Are any of them worth the money, even if they are the best? This blog post will review five of the best, and offer advice that might be useful for anyone looking for a new pair – whether just starting out, or with years on the trail behind you. Keep reading for our MTB gloves review section.

What Makes Good Mountain Bike Gloves?

First we ought to consider what you look for when purchasing a pair of gloves. These are a few of the most important factors to consider when buying a new pair:

  • Perhaps the most important factor (and an often overlooked one) is how comfortable the gloves are. It doesn’t matter how protective or strong your gloves are if they are too uncomfortable to wear!
  • After comfort, protection is one of the most important features. Mountain Biking can be a rough sport, and you need your gloves to properly protect your hands for them to be worth while.
  • Grip is a necessity – most gloves have some element of grip improvement, but many offer additional silicone ridges to maximise your grip. You need your gloves to help you keep a grip on your handlebars when Mountain Biking.
  • Breathability / Wicking are two terms for almost the same thing – how well do the gloves allow moisture to get away. You need your gloves to breathe so that your hands don’t quickly become a horrible sweaty mess. If the gloves are good at wicking then they will actively draw the moisture away, rather than just let it out.

The Top 5 Mountain Bike Glove Reviews

Zooki Cycling Gloves

One of the cheaper pairs of gloves on the list at about £7, these are still well thought of by people who have bought them. They have a shock resistant gel inside them, and their palms are made of a skip proof fabric. They are made of lycra and a triple layer meshed cloth with a full length finger – reviewers almost unanimously report that they are even warmer than they had expected. These are a high quality pair of gloves for their price, and an excellent choice at a budget.

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Zooki Fingerless Cycling Gloves

Similar to the other pair of Zooki gloves on this list, these are a low price pair of gloves at only £6. They are a little lighter than their cousins, being fingerless and of a lighter material. Despite this, they are still protective. Users comment on how impressed they are with the fit and protection offered. They are well padded, although they are prone to wearing out quickly. These are a pair of gloves perhaps best suited to those most on a budget.

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FREETOO Full Finger Cycling Gloves

The FREETOO cycling gloves shown here are one of the heavier duty pairs of gloves on the list. Made of a synthetic leather and spandex mixture, they offer great protection against both knocks and the elements. Reviewers note that they are a snug fit, and that it is perhaps wise to order a size larger than you would usually – although they are easy to take off once put on. They offer excellent wicking and breathability, with many reviewers noting their lack of sweaty hands after use. These are a mid price pair of gloves, at £10, and are an excellent option for anyone looking for a sturdier pair of gloves.

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Inbike Gel Padded Gloves

These are the most expensive pair of gloves on the list, and perhaps the best quality too. While they cost £12, more than any other, they offer gel pads distributed throughout the glove to provide protection from shocks and bumps along the road. They are made of a mesh cloth, meaning they allow air to circulate inside the gloves, and wick away sweat. Reviewers note the light weight of the gloves, despite their high quality build, and many are impressed by their appearance too. A comfortable pair of gloves that offer excellent protection, these are possibly the best MTB gloves on the list.

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Morethan Cycling Fitness Gloves

The Morethan Cycling gloves here are described as ‘Fitness Gloves’, and that perhaps best sums up their intended usage. These are not specifically MTB gloves, and as such do not offer all of the protective qualities you might expect. They are made of a lycra and fabric mesh, which reviewers note is excellent at keeping the hand dry. They are also noted as being particularly comfortable. Some reviewers have found them to be an unusual shape for some hands though. These are a pair of gloves perhaps best suited for the casual user, or someone who wants multi purpose gloves rather than specific Mountain Bike ones.

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Here we have taken a look at five of the most popular Mountain Bike Gloves. There are gloves here to suit all requirements. Whether you are looking for budget, durability, or multi use potential. If you are looking for the sturdiest and highest quality pair, the Inbike gloves are for you. Be aware that they come at the highest price. If budget is your most important criteria, perhaps try one of the Zooki pairs. Finally, if you want a pair of gloves you could use for any outdoor activity, the Morethan Fitness gloves might be for you. The most important thing to consider is what is best for your needs. Take a look around, and see which gloves are the best ones for you.

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