Best Rear Mount Bottle Cage – Our Top 5

Hydration is crucially important when you cycle, particularly if your bike ride is going to be particularly long or arduous. How can you carry enough water with you, though, when your hands aren’t free and you do not want a backpack rubbing on your shoulders and slowing you down with its poor aerodynamic design? A rear mount bottle cage solves this problem. It consists of a small ‘cage’ that straps onto the back of your bike and contains your water bottle. Aerodynamic and light weight, a bottle cage is the perfect accessory on any long bike trip. Finding the best rear mount bottle cage for you will be incredibly easy when you use our list below.

What to consider before buying a rear mount bottle cage?

Different cyclists have different needs, and it is crucial to select the best rear mount bottle cage for those needs. Key considerations to bear in mind when choosing between these products includes:

  • Size: do you have a particularly large bottle you need to accommodate?
  • Suitability for your bike frame: will the cage lock comfortably and securely onto the rear of your bike?
  • Style: is it important to you that the bottle cage looks good?
  • Aerodynamics: if racing competitively, it is essential for all of your bike accessories to be streamlined
  • Weight: if you’re racing you will want it to be as light as possible
  • Grip: you don’t want a cage with a poor grip on the bottle otherwise your bottle may fly out while riding

The Top 5 Bottle Cage Reviews

The VeloChampion Double Water Bottle Cage Mount

rear mount bottle cageCosting just under £15, this product is one of the cheapest on the list. It weighs just 126g and yet it can store two bottles – perfect for long cycle trips when you need plenty of water and also for those times when you are kindly transporting an extra water bottle for a friend. Aerodynamically designed, this bottle rack is suitable for almost all standard saddle bars. It is not suitable for i-beam style saddle bars, however.

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The XLAB Gorilla Carbon Bottle Cage

Clocking in at over £40, this bottle cage is one of the most expensive items on the list. However, professional bikers who want the highest quality items may well be delighted to pay a little extra for the enhanced durability and optimum aerodynamics provided by this bottle cage. This product from Gorilla works by gripping on to bottles (it can accommodate even very large bottles as well as smaller ones), and it offers twice the gripping power of a traditional carbon bottle cage.

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The Profile Design RZ2 System RML

This costs about the same as the Gorilla bottle cage. It is heavier than other items on the list (231g) and it can accommodate two large bottles of water. This could be a very smart choice for anyone who wants to take a long ride and who feels happy about carrying some heavy duty kit with them.

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The Profile Design bottle cage

The cheapest item reviewed here (it can easily be got for under £10 and many deals offer it for under £5), the Profile Design bottle cage is sweet and simple. The aerodynamic sculpted design makes it so easy to slot a water bottle in and go. Moreover, as it is the lightest product on this list (weighing a mere 27g), the Profile Design bottle cage is perfect for bike races or any occasion when you want to travel light.

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Karbon Profile Design Kage Bottle Holder

This sleek and light weight (33g) water cage is designed for the use of professionals. This is reflected in its price tag; at just under £50, it is the most expensive item on this list by a margin of around £9. Made from highly durable, robust ‘Karbon’ material, this bottle cage works (like the Gorilla product) with grip technology to hold your water bottle in place without the need for tons of straps and buckles. Many users also choose this bottle cage because of its colourful and stylish design.

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No matter if you want a water bottle cage for a simple family day out, or a professional cage to take with you as you cycle cross country in a big annual race, this list will have something for you. Whether your priority is weight, cost, style or aerodynamics, running your eye over our list of reviews will quickly demonstrate that your dream bike bottle holder is just a click away.

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