Best Under Seat Bike Bag Reviews

When you have spent a day out riding your bike and you’ve carried that spare inner tube in your back pocket all day, you always swear that you will finally buy a saddle bag. But you never really get around to it, somehow it slips your memory every time. But stop and think. This list of great bags has taken the hard work out of finding the best under seat bike bag.

Never again will you have to think about where your tools are or panic that you might not have brought a spare tube. All of these can sit in your new saddle bag and you know that you will have them with you on every ride.

Things to consider

When you are buying a bag, there is such a wide range out there, that you can often feel swamped down with the choices. However, there are some key elements to think of first.

Size – what do you need to put into the bag. Will you be putting a large phone in there or will it just store a tube and some levers?

Materials – Are you a fair weather cyclist and therefore have no need for a rain-proof bag, or are you likely to be riding through a monsoon and need a fully water-proof, dry room, bag.

Pockets – If you are very organised, your keys will sit in one pocket and your tube in another, then your tools down a side pocket. But do you need all the pockets? Would one be more than enough for you?

The best under seat bike bags

We’ve selected five different bags, which all do a great job. Each one is slightly different, but that allows you to select the one which perfectly suits your needs.

Topeak Seat Pack

bike bagThe Topeak Aero Wedge Strap Mount Seat Pack expands to nearly one litre in volume, this is more than enough for your spare inners and a few energy gels. Being sat at the top end of the price bracket, costing anywhere from £12 right up to £35, you would expect this to be an all singing and dancing pack. The 1000 Denier Condura Plus material which it is made from will ensure that nothing inside the bag gets a single drop of rain on it. It is available in a range of sizes from Micro to Large, which will allow you to choose the right size for your saddle.

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Bukm Seat Bag

Bukm’s Saddle Bag is the most aerodynamically shaped bag on this list. The sleek design allows you to carry the essentials while keeping your wind resistance to a minimum. Made of 600D polyester and a water-resistant PU leather, the bag not only looks good in the pure black, but will protect all your kit in a downpour. Users have said that although it looks sleek, the bag is big enough to carry a Samsung Galaxy phone. The multiple inner pockets would keep your phone separate from any tools you were carrying. At roughly £6, this is at the cheaper end of this list, but it does not lack quality and you are getting a great bag for your money.

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Beeway Saddle Bag

If you want a bag which you can colour match to your bike, then the Beeway Bike Saddle Bag is the number for you. With colour options including Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Black and Dark Blue, you should be able to find one which will blend in with your frame. At roughly £8, this one will not kill your bank balance and is designed to carry just the small extras you need. Being only 18cm long in total, the bag isn’t the largest on this list, but then again, who wants a massive bag under their saddle?

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Evecase Seat Bag

The Evecase Water-Resistant Bicycle Seat Bag is a very practical option for your bike. The three sizing options, small, medium and large, range from around £6 – £10. All of them offer multiple pockets inside the water-proof bag. A nice mesh pocket for your headphones or keys is a very welcome addition and will keep these out of the tools and away from the mess of gels. The flash of red on the bottom of the black bag does add a flair of style to this bag, which nicely complements the reflective safety strip.

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Zacro Saddle Bag

This Zacro Water-Resistant Bike Seat bag is made of leather and 1680D Oxford cloth, which not only makes it very water-resistant but also adds a level of quality and style. The rear facing panel houses a reflective strip and a mount for the included rear light. At around £7 for the bag and light combination, you won’t find a cheaper deal. The bag itself is small enough to fit snugly under the saddle, but is large enough to hold a spare tube, multi-tool and a couple of levers. There is even a mesh pocket to keep your ID cards or keys in.

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To wrap it up

Knowing what you want from a bike bag will allow you to select the one which will be best for you. The best under seat bike bag you can find, will be the one which holds everything you want to take on a ride, keeps it safe and dry for the weather you will experience and comes in at a nice price. Worrying about the sweat on your back dripping down onto your phone should not be your chief concern during a ride. Buying a saddle bag, will let you concentrate on the pain in your legs and the road ahead.

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