Insulated Bike Water Bottle Reviews – The Top 5

Staying hydrated whilst exercising is extremely important for your health and achievement, but it can be difficult. As a cyclist it’s hard to find a bottle that does the job without getting in the way. Your bottle has to hold enough to keep your thirst quenched, but be light and small enough to stow away safely. What’s the best insulated water bottle for cycling? To help you along with your decision, we’ve compiled this selection of insulated bike water bottle reviews and compared them to one another.

There are a range of factors to consider when you buy a bottle

  • Size and capacity – it needs enough volume to carry sufficient water, but has to be small enough to not get in the way when you’re cycling.
  • Insulation ability – there’s nothing worse than lukewarm water on a hot day.
  • Weight – the heavier the bottle, the harder it’s going to be to carry it around with you.
  • Risk of leaks – the last thing you want is your water leaking on the go, so you need a leak-free cap.
  • Ease of use and ease of cleaning – a wide neck is easier to clean and put ice into, but too wide and it will be hard to drink from. You also have to be easily able to attach it to your bike.
  • Value for money – how well do all of the above points balance against the amount you’ll be paying?

We’ve based our five insulated bottle reviews on those points.

The Top 5 Best Insulated Bike Water Bottle Reviews

CamelBak Thermo Bottle

This is a quality bottle from CamelBak. You can get 750 ml for about 15 pounds, and it is extremely light, smoothly designed and attractive. It’s made of BPA free plastic with a nifty lockable valve and is especially easy to fill, even with ice cubes, and to clean, because it has a wide opening. It will keep your drink at the right temperature ‘twice as long’ as a conventional bottle. You can get better insulation with steel, but as the only plastic bottle on our list, this is half the weight of the others with more capacity than most.

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YOUR Bottle! By SHO

Eye-catching with their bright colours and modernistic-smooth shape, these stainless steel bottles are a little more on the expensive side at a price of 15-25 pounds depending on whether you go for 500, 750 or 1000 ml. They promise to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, which is fairly usual for quality steel bottles. The 500 ml size comes with a clip to keep it attached to bags. The bigger ones are more clunky, and whilst they all fit into a cup holder you might find the large ones difficult to take cycling. It also has a fairly slim opening, which is harder to clean but also harder to spill.

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Cayman Fitness Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This bottle is smoothly shaped and comes in 500 or 740 ml varieties, priced between 15-18 pounds depending on size. It boasts the usual 24 and 12 hours specs for cold and hot respectively, but on the downside it is very tall. You won’t be able to attach it to a bike, and you’ll need a fairly large rucksack to fit it comfortably. The mouth is too narrow for ice cubes and for easy cleaning, but it won’t spill and is leak-proof. Overall, it’s a fair-priced, sturdy, good-quality bottle and it insulates well.

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Futurepace Tech Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This bottle is marketed as being a masterpiece of futuristic water bottle technology, and it certainly looks it. With a capacity of 600 ml it has an RRP of about 35 pounds, although it’s regularly on sale for considerably less, often below 15 pounds. It gives the usual 24 hours cold, 12 hours hot promise, and the stainless steel is both better for the environment and easier to keep sterile than plastic. The 600 ml version does not come with a sports cap, so you’ll have to stop to unscrew it every time you drink, which means more effort, more risk of spillage and faster temperature loss or gain. However, if Amazon have it at the cheaper price it’s well worth the money.

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OUTAD Ultimate Stainless Steel Water Bottle

By the far the lowest price on our list, this 500 ml bottle is available for about 8 pounds. For the price it’s a decent, sturdy bottle. However, the low price does come with downsides. Whilst it promises the usual 24 cold and 12 hot hour numbers, reviews suggest that it has a strong tendency to change the taste of drinks. It has a tendency to split or for the lid to come apart after heavy use, and it’s quite heavy for a small bottle with small volume. However, for a cheap bottle it should do you well for short trips where 500 ml is enough, and it is both leak-proof and easy to use.

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What is the best insulated cycling water bottle? Choose your bottle based on your priorities. If you want to spend as little as possible and don’t need much capacity, the OUTAD is a good choice. If you want a large bottle that’s also very light, go with the CamelBak. The 500ml SHO bottle is easy to use and very attractive, and if you want a large bottle there’s a 1000ml SHO. The 740ml Cayman is a great, fairly cheap all-rounder and works well with a rucksack. The Futurepace is excellent value for money if it’s currently on a cheap offer on Amazon.

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